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Finding your voice isn't about wanting to sing. It's why.

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My Story

Kelsie Deschenes is a Christian literary fiction author who is fascinated by the family unit. She holds a BA in Family Life Education and uses this as a Certified Health/ Life/ Family Coach. As a wife, mother, and daughter, she loves to write from the perspective of relating to how being a family and serving the Lord would have looked in times past. Her works aim to bring families together, while having a message for each person. 


She has authored three books: 'Briggleton's Choir', 'Redemption's Call', 'Redemption's Hand', and is working on finishing the 'Redemption at Echo Sound' Series while also getting ready to publish pioneer American family sagas.


Her goal is to be a story- telling witness to all ages of how the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a gift offered to any who will receive Him as Lord and repent of their sins to be saved into the Baptism of a new creation. 

Her works are published through Winged Publications. She believes that now more than ever, families need wholesome, uplifting stories portraying realistic depth, humor, and characters at decision points of faith in their lives.

Connect with Kelsie on Facebook at Kelsie Deschenes Author/ Winged Publications.

My Books 2022- 2023

Briggleton's Choir 

Redemption's Call - Echo Sound Book One

Redemption's Hand- Echo Sound Book Two

My Books

things to know

As a Christian author, I'd love to connect! Look below to learn in a snapshot why I do what I do, and what you can do to get connected!

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The gospel

We have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Jesus Christ died as a Mediator for the sins of the world, so that we can have access to the Father.

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Events by kelsie

I'd love to speak at your event! My walk with Jesus is important to me. When you book me, you are signing up for the Gospel to be shared as a part of the program.

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Why it's important

How a person responds to Jesus' sacrifice determines their destiny, not just eternally, but how he or she lives on this earth. Jesus brings peace and love without any strings attached.

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Why i write

I love to share what I believe about what happens when someone meets Jesus. My books reflect how I have seen people responding to Jesus throughout my lifetime. My desire is to encourage all personalities, age groups, and backgrounds towards the Throne of Grace.

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the gospel & the american dream

Our country was founded by men and woman who believed that freedom meant their ability to worship Jesus Christ as they saw fit. They wanted God glorified.


become a reader!

If you would like to become a reader for me who reviews my books BEFORE they come out, please contact me at


A beautiful story of a young boy finding his own voice and becoming more than he thought he could be with the friendship of someone who chooses to love instead of hate, and in so doing overcomes evil with good. I read it all in one sitting because I didn't want to put it down!

Amazon Review by Victoria


As a newly published author, I am thrilled to be expanding my horizons in connecting with you wonderful readers! Whether it's a reading, book signing, a writing workshop, speaking at a conference or Bible study, I'd love to be your gal! Please email me at, and let's connect!

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